Honey Cake recipe


You would need the following ingredients to make this delicious cake

For the cake

3 eggs

a pinch of salt

400g grams of runny or set honey

1 tea spoon of baking soda

3 - 3,5 cups of plain white flour


For the cream and topping


750g creme fraiche

450g thick greek style yogurt

1 cup of raw cane sugar

a pack of freeze dried strawberries



In a large mixing bowl beat three eggs with a whisk adding a pinch of salt.

Pour a jar of honey into a medium size pot and heat it on a stove on a medium heat until it reaches water like texture. Keeping the pot on a stove add baking soda and mix it well. The mixture should start to foam and rise.

Take it off the stove and pour into the bowl with the eggs, gently mix it together with a whisk and gradually start adding flour. When the batter mix would start getting too solid for the whisk you can keep working it with your heads just like the shortcrust pastry. Keep adding flour until the dough stops sticking to your hands.

Split the dough into six equal parts and form them into the balls, just like for pizza dough. Roll each ball into a round shape layer, put it into a round tin and bake it for 5-8 minutes in a preheated stove at 200C until it reaches light brown colour. To make sure that the layers do not stick to the tin dust it with a bit of flour before you bake each layer.

Let all the layers cool down and start to prepare the cream.

For the cream mix together in a large bowl creme fraiche, yogurt and sugar. The sugar will dissolve gradually if you keep mixing it every few minutes. I would recommend using the whisk and mixing by hand as if you use an electric or a free standing mixer the cream might get too liquid.

When all the sugar dissolves in a cream mix and all the 6 layers of the cake cool down take a round serving dish and place the least attractive layer of the cake on it. Spread the cream equally on all six layers with a large spoon. 

Decorate the top layer of the cake with crushed freeze dried strawberries. 

Leave the cake in the fridge overnight to set. 


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Lots of love